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Our Forensic Services

We provide computer forensics services for legal or internal investigations. Our team uses technology to identify digital evidence from various devices and can help organizations with procedures for evidence preservation.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of restoring access to data that has been lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted.

Hard Drives

Hard drive forensics involves the collection, preservation, analysis of digital evidence extracted from a hard drive.

Photo & Video

Photo and video camera forensics refer to the analysis of digital images and videos to uncover evidence.

Removable Drives

Removeable drives come in many different forms but can be important sources of evidence in investigations.

Smart Devices

Digital forensics that involves the extraction, preservation, & analysis of data from smartphones.

Computer Forensics & Digital Evidence

Digital evidence is becoming more and more critical to all types of litigation cases. Today, lawyers, law enforcement professionals and other investigators must recognize the value of electronic evidence. Information found within storage media can often make or break a case.

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Oregon Forensic Investigation

Criminal and Civil litigations

Computer Forensics Inc is certified as computer experts in both Federal & State courts and have been utilized in Criminal and Civil litigations have been certified as Computer Experts in both Federal and State level courts.

Our founder Roy Miller has a unique blend of a seasoned investigator and accomplished software developer, which gives us insights only these two fields combined can produce. Over the years of computer forensics in the Portland area Mr. Miller provided services to attorneys, investigators and insurance companies dispensing no-nonsense opinions.  Roy Miller and Computer Forensics Inc are trial tested, which is one of the reason why we are so highly sought after as a computer expert. 

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