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Computer cell phone PC smartphone iPhone android Mac forensics Clackamas Oregon (12)
Computer cell phone PC smartphone iPhone android Mac forensics Clackamas Oregon (13)

Oregon Forensic Investigation

Photo & Video
Forensic Services

At Computer Forensics, our photography & videography forensic experts are specialized professionals dedicated to analyzing and evaluating video evidence for litigation, criminal cases, and other legal purposes. We employ a range of advanced techniques and tools to enhance and authenticate video and photography footage, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every analysis.

Photography | Videography

Our comprehensive approach includes frame-by-frame analysis, video stabilization, noise reduction, and image enhancement to uncover subtle details and identify any manipulations or alterations. With our unbiased interpretation of visual evidence, we provide invaluable insights that can strengthen your legal case.

Our team utilizes photography & video playback software to detect any signs of editing or tampering, ensuring the integrity of the footage. Additionally, our camera forensic experts assess lighting conditions and employ color correction techniques to improve visual quality, enhancing the clarity of the evidence.

With our expertise and tools, we play a crucial role in providing reliable and admissible evidence in court proceedings. Trust Computer Forensics to deliver meticulous photography & videography forensic services that can make a significant difference in your legal case. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your investigation with our specialized capabilities. 

We can look at 

  • Close Circuit Television  (CCTV)

  • Body Cameras

  • Dash Cameras

  • Consumer Video Cameras

  • Smart Phones

  • SLR & 360 cameras

Oregon Forensic Investigation

Our Process

Step #1
Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a comprehensive meeting with the client to document the case or issue at hand. During this crucial step, we delve into the specifics of the situation, understanding the client’s objectives, concerns, and any pertinent details essential to the investigation.

Step #2
Device Identification and Acquisition

With a clear understanding of the case, we proceed to identify and obtain the device(s) involved in the investigation. Whether it’s a computer, mobile device, or any other digital medium, we ensure that all relevant devices are securely acquired for analysis.

Step #3
Forensic Analysis and Authentication

Once the devices are in our possession, our team of experts meticulously analyzes, authenticates, and processes the data contained within. Utilizing advanced forensic techniques and tools, we uncover insights, verify the integrity of the information, and identify any potential anomalies or discrepancies.

Step #4
Conclusion and Client Discussion

As the forensic analysis reaches its conclusion, we engage in an open and transparent discussion with the client. We present our findings, interpretations, and any relevant discoveries uncovered throughout the investigation. Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the situation, empowering them to make informed decisions moving forward.